Brand and Asset Management Ltd

The Idea

Brand and Asset Management Ltd (BAM) is new business established by Kevin and Emma Morgan to provide professional management and advice to organisations seeking to re-brand and develop imagery. With an extensive background in signage and project management, Emma provides a high level of technical expertise to her clients whilst Kevin’s versatile background qualifies him in multi-tasking, working under pressure & ensuring quality service delivery.

The Process

Originating from a concept of Emma’s, the establishment of a professional service delivery business was the first challenge.

Having been employees all of their working lives, Kevin and Emma were new to being business owners and were uncertain of their obligations, business structural options and just how to go about getting started.

In our initial meeting with Kevin and Emma we asked them to explain their business and family circumstances, what they wanted to achieve from both. From this we analysed their risk profile. Lewis then designed a personalised structure for them to address their business & personal needs, manage their risk and provide the flexibility for growth.

The next priority was to protect their new name by incorporating a company, then an action plan was created and working with WBB, Kevin and Emma formulated a structured business plan which would be used to guide their progress, provide the background credentials to support their goals and offer reassurance to lenders of their intent and ability.

The plan was simple yet detailed: 

  • Create the formal business plan with the information from the business owners.
  • Prepare detailed budgets including cashflow forecasts and forecast balance sheets to ensure comprehensive financial planning was achieved. 
  • Calculating the breakdown point to know the level of sales required to cover their operating expenses each month. 
  • Forecast monthly sales & collection data to assess the cashflow impacts of incomes, expenses and growth plans. 
  • Given the nature of the major projects being managed by BAM it was essential to monitor variations to forecasts & the impacts of these on the business.
  • Establish monthly reporting of actual v budgeted results so that the owners understood at all times where their business was travelling and the impacts of changes on their annual plan.

Whilst BAM continues to grow and face fluctuations and changes in their plan they can easily monitor the impact of these changes and alter their operations to achieve the results that they are looking for.

Managing their operations closely with WBB will enable BAM to grow in a structured and controlled manner.

The Business

Brand and Asset Management offers businesses comprehensive, informed solutions created to present their identity successfully.

From brand concept, brand strategy, design and manufacture through to installation of the final signage elements. The diversity of the signage arm of the business ranges from 7+ metre high plinths, billboards, fascias, light boxes, brand guidelines through to Health & Safety signage.

Other aspects involve window film solutions for anti-graffiti, solar heat & glare and providing products approved and recognised by the NZ Green Building Society.

Brand Asset Management’s refined business structure allows them to provide their customers with cost savings and strong project management skills, also reinforced by strong relationships with installation networks and wholesale signage suppliers.

Working with WBB

Kevin and Emma have welcomed the opportunity to learn about their business as they grow and to continually review, improve and better control their business operations.

Kevin says: ‘from our initial concept through to presenting our idea to Lewis, and owning and running a business in a fluctuating economic market - this has proven to be challenging but also very interesting.

Given Emma’s strengths and knowledge of sales in the corporate market, she has created some great opportunities, coupled with ’hands on’ guidance from Lewis and his team, we are seeing our business running from strength to strength. This has only been possible by creating the correct ‘bones’ and foundations from the initial concept between ourselves and WBB.’

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