Succession Merger & Acquisition

Business RIsk

Assessing the various risks that your business could be exposed to is vital in managing your personal and financial exposure.

Good business systems (internal controls) and business structures for protection of personal assets all provide layers of risk protection. Assessing the appropriate insurance and level of cover to protect you from the ultimate risk is something we have loads of experience in and strongly believe is essential to get right.

It is too easy to underestimate the risk and expose your business, family and personal assets. It is not uncommon to have the wrong policies and or the wrong level of cover and find yourself paying too much or finding that you are not covered for the things you thought you were.

We perform insurance reviews to give our clients peace of mind.

Human Capital Risk

Your business is a valuable tool in your family's lives. It must be protected against unforeseen events.

As part of good business practice we believe it is important for our clients to ensure that they have considered the impact of Human Capital Risk in their business and have structured a robust plan to protect the solvency and value of the business and the livelihoods of family.

WBB have recognised a client need in this area for some time and we are pleased to now offer a comprehensive risk solution for our clients. WBB is now a partner in Triplejump Takapuna. Brett Bell-Booth, an experienced risk practitioner (CA + LLB) is available to assist our clients understand their human capital risk and develop solutions to ensure peace of mind.

If you would like to discuss this further, please give Brett Mathers a call. Alternatively follow the link to have a look at the Triplejump website.

Succession Planning

A wise man once said "Begin with the end in mind".

Your business is a major asset that will play an important role in your future. You have worked hard to develop the business, but how do you extract yourself from it? What price will you get for it? When will you exit it?

Every business, no matter the size, requires a succession plan to give the owners peace of mind. This plan takes time to develop and implement the necessary changes to the operations of the business so that it can continue to be successful once the ownership has changed.

How would your business operate without you? Who could operate it? Who would buy it? We can help you to create and implement a succession plan to successfully develop your business to a level that will enable you to maximize your exit in a reasonable timeline.

The value of any business is strongly linked to the ease in which its profitability can continue without the current owner.

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