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Family Biz

Conflict Resolution

Potential conflict can best be avoided through:

- involving experienced external advisors on the board of directors for independent advice
- establishment of Family Council and Family Charter
- regular business planning
- analysing the organisational structure
- establishing policies around
Succession Planning
and Purchase Sale of Business

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Personal Financial Roadmap 

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Family Council

A Family Council is a working governing body that is elected by the wider family
members who have a vested interest in the business (an area of common interest).

They would meet up to six times a year and their duties would include:

- being the primary link between the family, the board, and the senior management
- input in to potential candidates of board members
- establishing and revising the families vision, mission, and values
- establishing policies on areas such as family employment, shareholding, and compensation

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Family Charter
Life Plan 
Conflict Resolution 

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Family Charters

These must be based on both family values and business values, and cover:

- communication
- ownership
- leadership
- employment
- governance

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Family Council
Conflict Resolution
Life Plan
Personal Financial Roadmap

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Life Plans 

Life Plans have been developed by WBB as a tool for use with SME business owners. It is designed specifically to identify what your business success should be providing for you, in terms of financial goals, and highlights how that affects the realisation of your personal goals.

It's all about understanding that your business success underpins your personal goals; it has a direct correlation to your ability to provide the financial stability required to support your personal lifestyle.

Once your Life Plan is complete, the team at WBB apply their knowledge and experience, identifying the gaps and potential 'Roadblocks' to achieving your personal life goals, through a Personal Financial Roadmap. 

The Life Plan model is also proving to be an effective tool for use with managers within the corporate environment who are looking to establish long term goals for their family.

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Personal Financial Roadmap 

A Personal Financial Roadmap is a subset of your Life Plan and provides you with a long term plan of action. It is a simple guide containing all the essential ingredients to fulfil your Life Plan. 

This service product has been specifically designed by the team at WBB for SME business owners and is proving to be extremely effective.

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Personal Risk Profiling

It has been said that "in a world where random things happen, successful business people plan with optimism for an uncertain future." 

Having this in mind we believe it is essential for business owners to assess their exposure to personal risk and consider protecting the most valuable asset they have - the intellectual capital held within the business through key individuals. 

WBB partners with a highly reputable national firm - Triplejump - that believes in customising insurance needs to meet the unique requirements of individuals within the context of the business. They will identify the exposure to risk, and advise the best solutions, sourcing competitive options from which to choose.

If you want to know more about insurance, contact: Rachael Terry

With current levels of uncertainty in business today, forewarned is forearmed.

If you want to obtain free professional advice on insurance needs for your business - owners, key individuals, or family - we would welcome the opportunity to help you.

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