Business Governance & Planning

Business Plans

We work with business owners to develop business plans that incorporate the three P's – passion, purpose and practicality. We believe this is important because business plans embody the aspirations and dreams of owner's life plans.

We'll help you take your business plan from concept to reality in a structured way. Working with you to fully evaluate your ideas and develop a plan that YOU have created and can then use to achieve success. Not only will a business plan provide you a continual reference with which to assess your progress towards your goal, but it provides potential/existing financiers with a well constructed and considered overview of the business, its market and potential, including budget forecasts and cash flow predictions.

If you fail to plan… plan to fail. The key to success in any field of endeavour is to plan. Ironically, many people plan their holidays better than they plan their business.

Managing & Modifying

We have substantial practical business experience available to provide a sounding board for business owners and managers. This is part of our commitment to guiding our clients to success.

We recommend regular formal management meetings, where key performance indicators are reviewed, material variances from expectation are analysed and practical strategies developed or modified. These all contribute to continued profitability, business growth and achievement of goals.

Strategic Planning

Learning to work on your business, not in your business.

Too often, business owners get caught up running their business and become unable to step back and consider whether they are heading in the right direction. Having well thought-out personal and business goals and then establishing a practical and realistic plan of implementation is imperative to ensure your hard work and energy are focused.

Once established, a well considered Strategic Plan will provide you with realistic achievable goals, together with a "hit-list" of areas in your business to address to make these goals achievable. The final step is an implementation plan which assists in working through the selected projects in a structured manner so that the continual changes result in a business that provides you with what you want from it.

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